International Travel Safety and Security Guide

BYU Hawaii International Travel Safety and Security Guide

The Wise Traveler

Let’s be wise about our travel.  The university has established travel policies and procedures as well as guidelines for health, safety and security that all university travelers should follow.  It is important that we take responsibility for our own safety by studying and understanding safety and health risks prior to departure, staying informed, and conducting ourselves according to established procedures and guidelines.

While this information cannot guarantee safety, it certainly can help to prepare us before departure and help us stay as safe as possible while we travel.  Take time to carefully read the information on this site and implement the suggestions for safe and secure travel.  

Things to Know Before You Go

1.  BYU Hawaii International Travel Policy
2.  BYU Hawaii International Travel Registry
3.  Common Sense Guidelines
4.  Travel Documents
5.  Security Risks
6.  Health Risks
7.  Cultures and Customs
8.  U.S. Department of State registration (for U.S. citizens)